Enemy Nations

Enemy Nations 1.0

Enemy Nations is a sophisticated real-time strategy game
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Meet interesting people on the Internet, then build big tanks and show the bastards who's boss. Now that you've landed on the last planet, all you have to do is feed your people, power your city, fuel your economy, deploy your army and destroy Enemy Nations ... before they destroy you.

Enemy Nations is a real-time strategy game. But not your everyday real-time game. It provides a level of sophisticated economic and military modeling not found in any other real-time game.

These are just some of the features found in Enemy Nations:
- A beautifully detailed world with incredible graphics and randomly-generated maps so you face a new challenge each time you play.
- Multi-player as it should be: Native network support for TCP/IP (Internet), IPX (Novell), NETBIOS, TAPI, MODEM and Serial play.

- No limit to the number of players in multi-player games (tested to 20 players). (The world size is dependent upon the number of players so large multi-player games won't put you right next to your opponents.)

- Includes a server to find all available players over the Internet.

- Resource and information sharing in multi-player games: See your allies' buildings and scout vehicles - and share resources with them! Ability to give vehicles and buildings to other players.

- A fully adaptive, real-time AI opponent (or opponents!) that you can play at FOUR levels of difficulty. This AI is not at ALL predictable!
- A much richer combat model with combat affected by terrain, unit attack strength, defensive armor, fire rate, setup time (unit must stop and aim), accuracy, blast radius and much more.
- / True fog of war affected by trees and terrain.
- Wrapping map so you can attack opponents from all sides.
- Runs at the resolution of your monitor (tested to 1600x1200).
- All art is rendered at 8, 15, 16, 24 and 32-bits so if you can run Windows at true color, you get true color.
- A richer economic model with population, power and damage all affecting the production rates of buildings.
- Ability to build roads and bridges to provide improvements in vehicle movement speed (which is affected by terrain).
- A full Research & Development tree with over 50 items.
- Factories can be set to build any number of units so there's no need to issue construction orders every time a single vehicle is produced.
- Multiple windows of the map so you can view your base AND your attack force simultaneously.
- A TRUE isometric map view with FOUR zoom levels and rotation in FOUR directions.

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